AAS Production Lines

A.A.S. SMART Line main performance characteristics:

Production Speed (up to): 180 m/ min

Inserting rate (up to): 600 emitters / min

Pipe wall thickness (mil): 5 – 36

Min emitters spacing (mm): 100

Type of emitters: A.A.S. TURBO FLAT TFD, A.A.S. CYCLONE PC

Reasons to invest in A.A.S. SMART Line:

Investing in a A.A.S. SMART Line is a great opportunity for your organisation because: 

  • You will minimize your cost through the continuous and uninterrupted production process and through less scrap.    
  • You will achieve the highest industry standard for your pipes maintaining consistency on wall thickness, diameter and emitters spacing.
  • You will strengthen your brand by using the most prestigious A.A.S. innovated technology and impeccable product performance.
  • You will create an added value to your final product which will distinguish you from the competition since the most well-known international brands in drip irrigation use A.A.S. production lines.